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22th 2007


It has been a very hard time since "Ramis" had to be put to sleep too early. 
Although he left us a gift we had no idea about and it is times like these that I believe in faith.
A beautiful little daughter was born September 26th and we gave her the name 
Aaniston Even With My Eyes Closed "Caviar" 
you can read more about this story at Litters and E-litter.


November 19th 2007


Aaniston So I'm Hot And Your'e Not, "Josie" was at her first official show only 10 months old, 
she won her first CC and was 2nd best bitch and Best In Show youngster.
We are so very proud of her. 
Our warmest congratulations to Lisbet and Claus for her lovely results.



Aaniston So I'm Hot And Your'e Not "Josie"



Aaniston Shopping In Paris
(US N CH Sol Y Sombra Palais Royal x Aaniston Three Mile Smile)
here at 9 months "Gipsie", photos by Elisabeth Magnusson



Aaniston Lawn Tennis In Venice "Nietzsche"
(SUCH FINUCH & DKUCH Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons x Aaniston Pagan-In-Hand)
a lovely photo from this summer, photo by Susanne Lindström


October 25th 2007


Aaniston Mom Never Stops Talking "Sheila"
Ramis (Twyborn Longleats) daughter has moved back home to her old family. 


October 23rd 2007


Aaniston Pyjamas In The Daytime will be mated to the beautiful male 
Swedish & Finnish Champion Carmodey Prima Di Tutto,
see more at plans and litter 2
Thank You Lena and Peter for this opportunity.



Swedish & Finnish Champion Carmodey Prima Di Tutto  photo by Peter Hjalmarsson


Results from Tromsö Int Show 071021, Swedish Finnish & Danish Champion Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons "Solo" 
was 2nd in championclass with Cc'quality/Exc, his daughter Aaniston Believe In Me Mr Jones (2Cc's) 
won the open class (4) with Cc'quality/Exc and was 3rd best bitch only one placing from the Norwegian Cc.
Some photos from the show will be updated later


October 16th 2007



Aaniston So I'm Hot And Your'e Not "Josie"


October 15th 2007


Aaniston Pyjamas In The Daytime "Pyjamas"

Aaniston Pyjamas In The Daytime 


We are also waiting for her daughter "Nova" Aaniston A Parade Of Shoes to come in season,
She will be mated to the stunning male CH Almansor's Ironman

Aaniston A Parade Of Shoes 
"Nova" is a littersister to Swedish, Finnish & Danish Champion Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons and 
SBIS Swedish, Norwegian & Finnish Champion Aaniston An Outstanding Filly. See Litters and A-litter.


October 14th 2007
Aaniston Fishing Waiting Wishing
gained his first CC yesterday at the Sighthoundclub Show in Boden,
he was 2nd best male. We are very proud of him!!
Aaniston Sexy Legs La La La won juniorclass (1) with prize of honour.
Critiques updated. 


Aaniston Seagulls Every Now N' Then and his litter brother Aaniston Set For The Obvious 
entered for the first time in official class the judge measured them both and told the handlers 
they were too big to achieve any prize of honour or cc'quality and had to settle with a first prize, 
Since we knew they weren't as big as she said, we told the secretary that we wanted them to measure them again.
We were proven right she had measured 2 cm to much!! It is a big difference between 52 cm and 50 cm.


Great news from Denmark see text and photo below.


Aaniston So I'm Hot And Your'e Not 
"Josie" competed at the "2007 vi med hund match" on friday October 12th, among the top winning dogs in Denmark 
"Josie" was specially invited to compete in this match show. At first she won over a multi titled Puli, 
next the Petit Basset Griffon from the top kennel Chouan.
She continued to win beating a top winning Beagle and after that a Miniture Poodle, and with only two dogs left
"Josie" and the Jack Russel, finally the judge Kerstin Nielsen decide on the Jack Russel. 
Congratulations to Lisbet and Claus and "Josie" for such success!! I am very very proud.
I believe "Josies" best friend (whippet) Lucille is in the picture too it looks like her right paw ;)


October 7th 2007
Some results from yesterday KC International Show.
Aaniston Fishing Waiting Wishing was 2nd i youthclass with prize of honour.
Aaniston Fenn Wright Manson was 2nd in youthclass with CC'quality.
Aaniston Later With Jools Holland was 3rd in youtchclass with prize of honour.


     September 27th 2007
More photos from Denmark of beautiful little Josie, 
Thank You Claus and Lisbet for always sending me lovely photos and for doing so great with "Josie"


September 21th 2007
A month since my latest updates, time travels fast.
It has been a month with filled with tears and tears after losing one of my dearest whippets Ramis, 

now I will update with some happy news from my dear friends Lisbet and Claus in Denmark

Aaniston So I'm Hot And Your'e Not born 2007-01-10, BEST IN SHOW PUPPY at Bröndby DKK International Show
(By CH Sol Y Sombra Palais Royal x Aaniston Three Mile Smile)
Photo by Wiegaarden.dk

"Josie" has entered 5 shows as a puppy and has won Best In Show-puppy everytime in great competition
We are so proud!!
Photo from the Bröndby Int Show above,  kindly sent to me by Lisbet, Thank You!!


Aaniston So I'm Hot And Your'e Not "Josie" continues to win in Denmark, 
she won Bis-Puppy again at the Danish Sighthound club special this weekend. Congratulations to Lisbet and Claus!